Oct 16, 2016

Shiver of Sharks

I've had big finny creatures on my mind all day. This is likely in part because sharks abound in the waters around the House of Good Living and a beach in South Maui was closed two days ago because of a human vs shark encounter. I had an uncomfortable paddle with a big grey one a couple of winters ago and that event is never far from my mind when I'm near the beach where it happened. Even so, I know there's a greater chance of death by lightning strike than by shark bite and it goes without saying I try to avoid circumstances where either event may occur.

We've discussed the "sharks are scary" matter before and I only bring the issue up again because statistics reveal that October is the month when most human-shark encounters occur in the islands of Hawai'i, in part as a result of pregnant Tiger sharks visiting shoreline areas to have their babies. Unsurprisingly, hungry "pupping" momma sharks and coconut oil-frosted snorkelers don't play well together.

I'm revisiting the topic of sharks because last night's Saturday Night Live episode featured a Jaws-themed skit. This isn't a political blog so I won't opine on the threats posed to our nation's safety by either candidate. What I will do is dare you to watch the skit without laughing out loud.

The other reason I'm currently obsessing about fins in the water is because of the wonderful collective noun used to describe a group of sharks - "SHIVER". Could there be a more perfect word for a gathering of these teethy nightmares? A shiver of sharks is right up there with "crash" of rhinoceroses and "parliament" of owls and "fluthering" of jellyfish. I find these unexpectedly entertaining words so delightful I can't resist shouting them out to my increasingly annoyed husband who's trying to finish a yoga practice this morning.

Me:  A Knot of Snakes!
Him: mutters "mountain pose, mountain pose..."
Me:  A Busyness of Ferrets!
Him: Sun salutation, sun salutation ...
Me:  ~ And, because I can't resist ~ A Charm of Finches!!!
Him:  Go AWAY.

Some people, right?!

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